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Blue Wreath, Queens Wreath, Sandpaper vine, Petrea Volubilis - Plant

Blue Wreath, Queens Wreath, Sandpaper vine
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Celastrus scandens is a very lovely small climber with drooping long racemes of delicate violet-purple star-like flowers. It is a semi-shrub and semi-climber and the small wooden trunk develops artistic curves over the years. Even the new leaves are stiff and papery. This is a twining vine with rough green leaves and spectacular clusters of purple flowers that come in raceme reaching over 1 foot long. The blue calices, with 15-30 flowers per raceme, remain for many days, slowly turning gray, looking terrific on dark green leaves background ,. The flowers come in raceme reaching over 1 foot long. The true flower, which is purple, lasts a couple of days but the blue bracts remain much longer, slowly turning gray.


Scientifc name Common names Family name Bloom period Color of the flower
Petrea volubilis Queen\’s Wreath, Sandpaper Vine, Purple Wreath, Blue Bird Vine Verbenaceae spring and in some areas also in November Blue, Purple



The  organic peat humus as well as composted cow manure added to the hole when you plant.Trim for shape and size in mid-summer, when blooms are less frequent.A hard pruning may be necessary to keep it the size you want.

Water on a regular basis. Though these vines are considered moderately drought-tolerant once established, they do best with regular irrigation and time between waterings to dry out a bit.Fertilize twice a year in spring and fall with a quality granular fertilizer. Supplement feedings with bone meal and/or liquid to promote heavier bloom.

Only water your Plant when the soil is dry to the touch well-drained soil Use organic fertilizers 30°C
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