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Eranthemum Green

Eranthemum Green
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A medium size shrub with dense foliage with deep purplish-maroon colour. Suitable for borders & as a pot plant. Flowers are insignificant

About Eranthemum green plant

A truly bold foliage plant with ultra-dark almost black leaves, Black Leaved Sky Flower is an easy and instant showpiece of the garden as it provides great contrast for almost anything, especially variegated plants. It creates its own combination of colour contrast in summer and fall when it puts forth spikes of showy white flowers with pinkish centres. No stranger to heat and humidity it is native to the Solomon Islands. Black leaved sky flower looks stunning when planted as a single specimen in a container or grouped with others. Be sure to let it dry between waterings.


Scientific name Common names Family name Bloom time Flower colour
Eranthemum nigrum Eranthemum Black Acanthaceae Summer sky, white



  1. Prune for size control and pedestrian safety, to remove dead or diseased plant parts, or to shape or train plants into hedges, topiary, espalier, or other interesting shapes
  2. Broadleaf plants, both evergreen and deciduous, can be cut as hard as needed, even back to main trunks. New growth sprouts near the cut end.
  3. Prune in the late winter or spring, depending on when the plant's flower
  4. Cutting plants back to knobby growth ("pollarding"), though not always acceptable to neighbours, does not seriously harm plants in the long
  5. Root stem cuttings of evergreen shrubs in the summer, taking short cuttings of mature new growth, stripping or pruning off the lower leaves, and sticking into moist potting soil or well-drained garden soil kept in bright indirect light and high humidity.
  6. Root stem cuttings of deciduous shrubs in the fall or late winter
  7. Keep cuttings moist 4-6 weeks until well rooted, then transplant into individual containers
  8. Rooting hormones increase the likelihood of root but are not necessary for most plants.
 Allow the soiling touch to dry between watering. Well, drained soil, Organic fertilizers Up to 40°C
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