All Time Mango Tree, Aam (Thailand, Thai Grafted) - Plant

Mango Tree, Aam (Thailand, Thai Grafted) - Plant
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Mangoes are rich in beta-carotene that helps in the production of Vitamin A. Mangoes are filled with skin-friendly vitamin C and Vitamin A, HEIGHT 2-2.5 FT HEIGHT

SOIL: Fertile and fast draining soil

WATERING: Before watering the plants, the top surface of the soil should be dry.

About baramasi mango plant

Baramasi mango or Thailand mango are well known for their juicy and rich flavour. The plants can grow in any climatic conditions and resists through the sunny climates and the sultry breezes. It  is one of the most preferred and suitable mango plants to add value to any home garden mango plantation or farm. Baramasi is the midseason mango that ripes in June and is the most popular varieties of mangos in North India. Baramasi is medium-sized with sweet and fibrous pulp. This Thailand mango plant yields fruits almost year round. We are exceptionally marked in the market to deliver the mango plants of any size and age with the best quality.


  • Choose the point which is sunset.
  • Prepare the field by digging a hole i.e twice as wide and deep at the root ball.
  • Before planting fill the water in the bud hole and watch how fast it drains.
  • Care should be taken at the time of planting water should drain from the dip hole.
  • If the water will drain fast the plant will survive some periods of flooding.
  • Care should be taken at the time of planting the root ball should be dry, if it is wet the plant will get damage.


  • Water the trees deeply through the long top root.
  • Before watering the plants the top surface of the soil should be dry.
  • Continue irrigation for 2 months prior to flowering and then resume once fruits begin to produce.
  • Give the nitrogen fertilizers 3-4 times per year.


  • Don’t prune the young plant, young mango trees should take care and frequent watering as plant establishes.
  • Prune the tree when the tree is 4 yr old, remove any thin and weak stems and produce strong branches, therefore, prune to remove broken and diseased plant materials.
  • Care should be taken if any diseases or pest attacks the plant apply only organic fertilizers or pesticides.




Botanical name Magnifera indica
Location Outdoor, garden
Climatic condition Tropical to subtropical
Seasons 365 days
Vitamins A & B
Fruit fat 8-10%
Fertilizer Organic fertilizer
Fertilizer use Organic manure
Uses Pickles, chutney
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