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Clitoria Ternatea,Butterfly pea - Plant

Clitoria Ternatea,Butterfly pea-Plant
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Clitoria  is a  very attractive species because of its hanging blue flowers, The standard petal with yellow markings in this species grows and enlarges to a beautiful fold which makes it eye-catching. Some varieties produce white flowers. The fruits are flat, linear, sparsely pubescent pods that dehisce violently at maturity and throw 8-10 dark and shiny seeds There are numerous ecotypes, agro-types and cultivars that differ in flowers and leaflets


Scientifc name Common names Family name Bloom period Color of the flower
Clitoria ternatea L. var. ternatea   Fabaceae  



Flower colour: Blue, Purple, White



Clitoria will grow in full sun, For the best results, water regularly. The species tends to get leggy quickly, so pinch often to induce bushiness. Flowers develop 4–6 weeks after sowing and can occur throughout the year given sufficient soil moisture and frost-free conditions. Fertiliser is not required when sown on suitable soils, only on infertile soils.

Only water your clitoria when the soil is dry to the touch half and half mix of potting soil and orchid soil or perlite Use organic fertilizers 20 to 28° C

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