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Thai Patti Nimboo, Thai Patti Lemon - Plant

Thai Patti Nimboo, Thai Patti Lemon - Plant
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· Citron fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, a nutrient that strengthens the immune system and keeps your skin smooth and elastic

· citron fruits also have good amounts of other vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly


· SOIL : fertile and fast draining soil

· WATERING: Before watering the plants, the top surface of the soil should be dry.

· TEMPATURE: Do not usually dip below 40 F(4.c)

· CLIMATIC CONDITIONS: Tropical to sub subtropical climate

· PRUNING: Don’t prune the young plant, young mango trees should take care and frequent watering as the plant establishes

About thai patti lemon plants

The trees ellipsoidal yellow fruit is used for culinary and nonculinary porposes throught out world primarily for its juice , wich has both culinary& cleaning useses .The plup ans rind (zest)are also used in cooking &bakeing.The juice of lemon is about 5%-6% citric acid,with a ph of aroun2.2 gviving it a sour taste. Thee distinctive soure taste of lemon, Lemon juice makes it a key ingrediend in drinks and food such as lemonade and lemon meringue pie.   The leading acid citrus fruit, because of its very appealingcolor ,odor& flavour,the lemon,citrus

Thee true lemon tree reaches 10to20ft in height and usually has sharp thorns on the twigs. T he alternate leaves,

Reddish when young, become dark green above light green beloware oblong, elliptic or long ovate in long finely toothed with slender wings on the petioles. The mildly fragrant flowers may be solitary or there may be 2 or more clustered in the leaf axilss.Long white on the upper surfaceInside purplish beneath outside, and 20-40 more or lessunited stamens with yellow anthers. The fruoit is oval with a nipple like protuberance at the apex.The peelis usually light-yellow or white it is aromatic, dotted with oil glands .



Thai lemon , Thaiwan lemon,Thai patty lemon


The trees can only survive in warm, typically,tropically envornments, dying easly if the temperature drops below freezing.



  • Choose the point which is sunest
  • Prepare the field by digging a hole i.e twice as wide and deep at the root ball
  • Before planting fill the water in the bud hole and watch how fast it drains
  • Care should taken at the time of planting water should drains from the dip hole
  • If the water will drains fast the plant will survive some periods of flooding
  • Care should taken at the time of planting the root ball should be dry,if it is wet the plant will get damage


  • Water the trees deeply throough the long top root
  • Before watering the plants the top surface of the soil should be dry
  • Continue irrigation for 2 months prior to flowering and then resume once fruits begin to produce
  • Give the nitrogen fertilizers 3-4 times per year



Botanical name Citrus limon
Location Outdoor,garden
Climatic condition Tropical to sub tropical
Seasons Both winter& summer
Vitamins Rich in vitamin C
Fruit fat 300mg/100gm
Fertilizer Organic fertilizer
Fertilizer use Organic manure
Uses Juiceses, plup. Chutney,pickels





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